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Welcome to the Australian Orienteering Elite Ranking Scheme home page.

This page has been created for the purpose of maintaining a current ranking list of Australian elite orienteers.

This list is objective, meaning that orienteers are ranked according to a sophisticated scheme, and rankings are not influenced by the opinion of anyone.

In summary, an orienteers ranking is based on their best 5 results over the last 12 months. Points for each race are allocated based on the orienteers performance, the spread of times, and the strength of the field.

Rankings include points obtained from overseas World Ranking Events. This enables overseas based Australians to obtain a ranking. Considerable effort has been taken to calibrate these WRE points with the points obtained from the Australian Scheme to make the scheme fair.

Finally, if you have any question, comments, or areas for improvement, please contact me by using the mail link below.

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