2008 SILVA National Orienteering League results 

Final 2008 standings in the Senior and Junior divisions are also available, along with event results.

Event Results

Start dateMapTypeResultSplits
Sun28Sep2008Australian Relay ChampionshipsChampionshipsResultsSplits
Sat27Sep2008Australian ChampionshipsChampionshipsResultsSplits
Fri26Sep2008Australian Sprint ChampionshipsChampionshipsResultsSplits
Tue23Sep2008SILVA National Orienteering League EventNOLResults
Sun21Sep2008Queensland ChampionshipsChampionshipsResultsSplits
Sat20Sep2008Australian Middle Distance ChampionshipsChampionshipsResultsSplits
Sun18May2008Sun Coast Classic and SILVA NOL Event 12 (Long)NOLResults
Sat17May2008Sun Coast Classic and SILVA NOL Event 11 (Middle)NOLResults
Sat17May2008Sun Coast Classic and SILVA NOL Event 10 (Sprint)NOLResults
Sun30Mar2008Canberra Classic & Silva National Orienteering League Round 9NOLResultsSplits
Sat29Mar2008Galaxy Mixed RelayRelayResultsSplits
Sat29Mar2008ASC Galaxy SprintNOLResultsSplits
Fri21Mar2008Australian 3 DaysChampionshipsResultsSplits - Stage 1
Splits - Stage 2
Splits - Stage 3
Splits - Stage 4
Sun9Mar2008NOL #2, Mt Beckworth, Long DistanceNOLResultsSplits
Sat8Mar2008NOL Relay, Spring GullyRelayResults