Standings for the 2006 National League

Final standings in the Senior and Junior divisions are now available.

Schedule for the 2006 National League

NL Race Date Event Discipline
Start Format Location State
1 Sat. Mar 11 Wyangala NOL Sprint Sprint Red Start Group Cowra NSW

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2 Sat. Mar 11 Wyangala NOL Middle Middle Seeded Cowra NSW
3 Sun Mar. 12 Wyangala NOL Long Long Seeded Cowra NSW

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4 Fri. Apr 14 Easter Prologue Sprint Red Start Group Castlemaine Vic.

Easter Carnival Website (including Aus Middle Champs and Vic Relays) - includes links to splits, Winsplits.

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5 Sat Apr. 15 Easter Day 1 Middle Seeded Castlemaine Vic.
6 Sun Apr. 16 Easter Day 2 Long Seeded Castlemaine Vic.
7 Mon Apr. 17 Easter Day 3 Relay length
Reverse Chasing Castlemaine Vic.
8 Sat. Apr 22 Aust. Middle Dist. Champs Middle Seeded Inglewood Vic.
9 Sun. Apr 23 Vic. Relays Relay Mass start Bendigo Vic.
10 Sat. Aug 19 Qld Middle Champs Middle Seeded Maryborough Qld

Event website (inc. results and splits)

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11 Sun. Aug 20 Qld Long Champs Long (loop race) Seeded Maryborough Qld
12 Sat 30 Sept. WA Long Champs Long Seeded Mount Dale WA

Carnival Website

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13 Sun 1 Oct. WA Long Champs Long Seeded Mount Dale WA
14 Tue 3 Oct NOL Middle Dist. Middle Reverse Ranking Order Spencer’s Brook WA
15 Thurs. 5 Oct Aust Sprint Dist. Champs Sprint Red Start Group York WA
16 Sat. 7 Oct. Aust. Long Dist. Champs Long Seeded Beverley WA
17 Sun. 8 Oct. Aust. Relay Champs Relay Mass Start Beverley WA