SILVA National Orienteering League 2010 -Round 3 

Download information in PDF- Silva_NOL_2010_Round4_Invite.pdf

Sculptures, Sandstone and Orienteering History

A weekend of elite orienteering for everyone. Explore the Macquarie University Sculpture park, experience orienteering terrain similar to WOC in Trondheim, Norway and return to the venue of the 1976 Australian Orienteering Championships.

Date Race Event Location
Sat 15 May 1 Sprint Distance Macquarie University Marsfield
Sat 15 May 2 Middle Distance Wattle Ridge  Hilltop
Sun 16 May 2 Long Distance Belanglo State Forest  Southern Highlands

Race 1 – SILVA National Orienteering League Sprint Distance Race 11, Public Sprint Race and NSW Junior League 2

The National Orienteering League heads to the exciting World Masters Games venue at Macquarie University on Saturday 15 May. Take the challenge of the Sculpture Park, intricate buildings, multilevel car parks and open parkland on the area that challenged so many world class orienteers during last year’s World Masters Championships Carnival.

Date: Saturday 15 May 2010
Start Time: First starts from 9.00am for SILVA National Orienteering League Competitors.
Public race starts after last National Orienteering League Competitor Starts on the same courses as the NOL competitors.
Format: Sprint with separate course for Male / Female
Winning Times: M/W21E 15 to 17 minutes, M/W17-20E 17 to 19 minutes Location: Macquarie University, Culloden Road, Marsfield, NSW

Travelling by Car: Parking is available in the University Sports field car park, travel north on Culloden Rd, straight through roundabout and cross over the M2 Motorway into the parking area. NO PARKING within the main University grounds. From the car park walk south along Culloden Rd to the University access road which can be followed to the assembly area near to the swimming centre. Travelling by Public Transport: Take a City Rail train to Macquarie University station. On leaving the station walk northeast along Herring Rd, turn left and head North West on Talavera Rd to Culloden Rd. Turn left into Culloden and proceed as above.

Map: “Macquarie University” 1:4,000, Copy of map- MacquarieUnimap2010.pdf
: Complex buildings, open parkland

Mapper: Eric Andrews Course Setter: Warwick Selby Controller: Ron Junghans Organiser: James Lithgow 02 9484 5717 or james.lithgow @

Organising Club: Garingal Orienteers Inc

Entry: The preferred method of entry is online via the Garingal Web site which will allow you to enter all three events being held this weekend with one entry form and one payment.

Entry Fees: Silva NOL Competitors -M/W21E $20.00 M/W1720E $15.00, Public Race – Seniors $17.00, Juniors $12.00, Family Maximum $50.00, Enter on day subject to map availability an extra $5.00 per person.

Embargo: The whole of the area bounded by Talavera, Culloden, Epping and Herring Roads is embargoed from 6 am on Saturday 15 May until the end of competition. Competitors intending to use on campus accommodation (AGSM or Travelodge) may stay within the hotel building after 6.00 am but must leave before 8.00 am exiting directly onto the Talavera Road and proceed to the competition assembly area as directed above.


Race 2: Silva National Orienteering League Race 12 and NSW State League 4

Following the sprint event head to the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands for the next exciting event. The SILVA National O league, Badge Event and selection trial for the Australian team to compete at the World Orienteering Championships in Trondheim, Norway. The Wattle Ridge map is relevant to Norwegian terrain offering all orienteers a navigational challenge on one of the most detailed sandstone areas in Australia with many rock features and vegetation changes.

Date: Saturday 15 May 2010 Start Time: First starts from 1.00 pm for SILVA National Orienteering League Competitors

Courses offered: Classes:
Red1/2 M21A, M20A (men’s NOL), M35A
Red3/4 W21A, W20A (women’s NOL), M18A, M40A, M45A
Red 5 W35A, W40A, M21AS, M50A
Red 6 W45A, M16A, M55A
Red 7 W18A, W50A, M60A, M65A, M35AS
Red 8 W16A, W55A, W60A, W21AS, M70A, M45AS
Red 9 W65A, W70A, W35AS, W45AS, M75A, M55AS
Orange W14A, M14A, WOpenB, MOpenB
Green W12A, M12A, M/WOpenC
Blue W10A, M10A, M/W10

Entry fees: $22 senior, $15 junior, $12 sub-junior on blue or green courses ,$60 family max, SI stick hire $2 per day. Directions: Travel south from Sydney via the Hume Highway taking the Colo Vale exit about 75 minutes drive from Macquarie University via the M2, M7 (tolls apply) and Hume Highway. From the Hume Highway travel west 2km to Colo Vale then turn right into Wilson Drive, follow for 5km then turn left over railway line at Hilltop and follow road which turns into Wattle Ridge Rd for 4km to assembly area.
“Wattle Ridge” 1:10,000 (2008) Copy of map-WattleRidge.pdf
Alex Tarr Course Setter: Grant Bluett (NOL courses), Steve Flick (Public Races) Controller: Terry Bluett Organiser: Judy Hay 0418236157 or jhay @ Organising Club: Bennelong Orienteering Club Entry: The preferred method of entry is online via the Bennelong Web site which will allow you to enter all three events being held this weekend with one entry form and one payment.

Race 3: Silva National Orienteering League Race 13 and NSW State League 5

The Orienteering excitement doesn’t end yet/ Sunday sees the SILVA National Orienteering League events in one of the original orienteering areas in NSW and the site of 1976 Australian Orienteering Championships at Belanglo State Forest.

Date: Sunday 16 May 2010 Start Time: First Starts will be from 9.00 am. Prestart area is approx 450m from the assembly area. Enter on day starts are between 10:30am and 11:30am

Courses:      Class:                                                                  Course Length

SILVA National Orienteering League

Red 1 M21E 14.0km
Red 2 M1720E 9.2km
Red 3 W21E 9.0km
Red 5 W1720E 7.2km
State League Events
Red 1 M21A 14.0km
Red 2 M20A, M35A 9.2km
Red 3 M40A W21A 9.0km
Red 4 M18A, M45A 8.4km
Red 5 M50A, W20A, W35A, W40A, M21AS 7.2km
Red 6 M16A, M55A, W45A 6.3km
Red 7 M60A, M65A, W18A, W50A, M35AS 5.6km
Red 8 M70A, W16A, W55A, W60A, M45AS, W21AS 4.9km
Red 9 M75A, W65A, W70A, M55AS, W35AS, W45AS 4.2km
Orange 1 M14A, W14A, MOpenB, WOpenB 4.2km
Green M12A, W12A, M/W OpenC 2.5km
Blue M10A, W10A, M/W10N 1.8km

Entry fees: Senior $20, Junior $13 (13 to 20 years), Sub junior $10 (12 years and under), Family Maximum $55, SI hire $2
From Sydney follow the Hume Highway. 6 kilometres south of the Berrima exit turn right into Bunnigalore Road at the rest area, signposted Belanglo State Forest. Travelling from the south follow the Hume Highway North of the Illawarra Highway exit for 6 kilometres and turn left into Bunnigalore Road at the rest area. Follow the dirt road for 2km to the forest and then follow O signs another 5km into the northern part of the forest. Park as directed, adjacent to the assembly area.
SILVA National Orienteering League classes; “Belanglo Forest – Miners Despair” 1:15000 (updated 2010) Copy of Map MinersDespair15000.pdf
NSW State League classes- “ _elanglo Forest – Miners Despair” 1.10000 (updated 2010) Terrain: Spur/gully terrain in pine and eucalypt forest
Course Setter:
Peter Shepherd Controller: Keith Jay Organiser: Kevin Curby; 0425 203462 or 02 9523 8814 kevcurby @
Organising Club: Illawarra Kareela Orienteering Club
The preferred method of entry is online via the Illawarra Kareela Web site which will allow you to enter all three events being held this weekend with one entry form and one payment.