Australia/New Zealand Challenge (Oceania MTBO Championships)

 Oceania Championships are held between Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Island nations.

Australia/New Zealand MTBO Challenge (now part of the Oceania MTBO Challenge) was first unofficially held in NZL in 2002. The Daylesford event in 2003 was staged as a lead up to the 2004 World MTBO Championships in Ballarat, Victoria. It has developed into a strong, friendly competition held every two years or so.  






Oceania Championships Rules

AUS-NZL Challenge Rules Foot

AUS-NZL Challenge Rules MTBO 



Number Month /Year  Venue AUS NZL
1 Sep-03 Daylesford, VIC 4 0
2 Jan-05 Auckland, NZ 1 6
3 Nov-07 Newcastle, NSW 10 11
4 Jun-09 Mt Gambier, SA 8 13
5 Jan-12 Central Otago, NZ 10 14
6 Jan-14 Rotarua, NZ 7 24.5
7 Jun-14 Alice Springs, NT 15 6


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