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Australian Team for MTBO WOC and JWOC - selection nominations Thursday, 24 February 2011 Nominations for the Australian MTBO WOC & JWOC team are due BEFORE March 1.
MTBO National Rankings for 2010 Tuesday, 22 February 2011 Multiple World Champion Adrian Jackson and Australian team member Mary Fien were our top ranked MTBO riders for 2010.
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Israel Maps Tuesday, 9 June 2009
2009 MTBO Squads Monday, 22 December 2008
Adrian Jackson in top form Saturday, 24 May 2008 Mountain Bike Orienteer Stars in Alice Springs MTB enduro
National MTBO Standings Monday, 19 May 2008
Australian Team for MTB WOC 2008 in Poland Sunday, 27 April 2008
National MTBO Series Standings Tuesday, 22 April 2008 The First National MTBO Series Rolls Out in Victoria

2009 MTBO Squads

Monday, 22 December 2008

Australian MTBO 2009 squads

 High Performance Squad In recognition of reaching the highest standard in World MTBO
Adrian Jackson                VIC

Senior A Squad = those who have represented Australia at WOC, have strongly contested selection or have performed well in major events and demonstrated commitment to elite MTBO racing
Tony Clark*                      VIC
Anthony Darr                    NSW
Paul Darvodelsky              NSW
Andrew Fellows                QLD
Matt Hope                        TAS
Alex Randall                    VIC
David Simpfendorfer          ACT 

Cath Chalmers                 WA
Thorlene Egerton*             Qld
Mary Fien                        NSW
Jen Graham-Taylor           WA
Carolyn Jackson*             VIC
Anna Sheldon*                 Qld
Melanie Simpson*            NSW

Senior B Squad = Those who have demonstrated a high level of performance and a commitment to attending selection trials in the future.

Jiri Cech                          NSW
Aaron Dodd                      VIC
Jamie Goddard                 VIC
Stewart Grieg                   WA
Dion Keech                      VIC
Matt Koerber                    ACT
Brett Merchant                 SA
Matt Ryder                       QLD
Ricky Thackray                WA
John Toomey                   WA
Jason Wallington              WA
Damian Welbourne           NSW

Curtin                   NSW
Sarah Dunnage                WA
Caitlin Wade                    VIC

Junior A Squad = those who have achieved top performances in major events and have expressed an interest in committing to improving with a view to attending selection trials in the future.

Chris Firman                    QLD
Heath Jamieson               VIC
Peter Markworth               VIC
Kurt Neumann                  QLD
Oscar Phillips                  TAS
Luke Poland                     ACT
Joshua Roberts                NSW

 Junior B Squad = those who have shown a high level of competitiveness in  MTBO events and are committed to improving their skills and ability.
Morgan Clark                   VIC
Ian Lawford                      ACT
Alex Massey                    NSW
James Robertson             VIC

 * not available for selection for 2009