One day Todd will bite his tongue off!

Profile: Todd Neve


Age: 13 turning 14 in Sep 2007

School: Gisborne Secondary College


Years with Schools team: 1

Best result: Made Honour Team 2006

Coach: Morten Neve

Preferred Terrain: Granite

Hobbies: Soccer, Rock climbing, Orienteering


What do you enjoy most about orienteering? No idea, I just love it.

How did you start orienteering? My Mum introduced me to orienteering when I was about 8.

What are your goals in orienteering? To get into the Honour Team 2007. Beat Kurt Neumann at schools. 

What do you eat before you go orienteering? Lots of pasta the night before. Low Meat, Low fat, high carbs. Nothing 2 hours before a race.

What is your best navigation tip? Look at the map as much as you can



Generally train on weekends doing 6km runs on average

Planning to train every second day doing a 3-4km run every second day

(Must be careful not to over train as I'm still growing)

In the lead up to the Easter 3 Days I do 4km runs daily for 6 weeks.

Likewise for schools but for 8 weeks.


If you'd like a more detailed training schedule search for 'toddneve' on attackpoint.