Australian Schools Orienteering Championships

The Australian Schools Orienteering Championships are contested by teams from each state and the ACT. The competition consists of four classes - senior (16 and above) and junior (12-15) boys and girls.

The event is normally run in the Australian Championships week. There is an individual event, where each state can field four competitors with the best three to count, and a relay for teams of three. The event was established as a secondary schools event, but this has become less clear-cut in recent years due to changes in the school structure in some states.

The event has existed in its present form since 1989, although it was not until 1994 that all seven teams were represented, with NSW competing for the first time and Tasmania returning after an absence. From 1981 to 1988 it was an open-entry event, including age classes for primary schools and, in some years, teachers and university students. The event did not receive any significant interstate participation until 1984, and 1986 was the first year in which it had a reasonably representative national field.

New Zealand teams currently compete in the Southern Cross Junior Challenge, which is held in conjunction with the Australian Schools Championships.

Full results for all events since 1986 are available via the national events results page.


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Results since 1989

(not including New Zealanders)

Year  Venue  Winning state 

Senior boys

Senior girls

 Junior boys

Junior girls 

ACT (Canberra)
Matt Doyle (Vic)
Lanita Steer (Vic)
Simeon Burrill (Qld)
Asha Steer (Vic)


Tasmania (St Helens)
Oliver Poland (ACT)
Michele Dawson (NSW)
Jarrah Day (Tas)
Asha Steer (Vic)


NSW (Wagga Wagga) Tasmania
Olle Poland (ACT)
Heather Muir (Qld)
Ashley Nankervis (Tas)
Winnie Oakhill (Qld)
 2010 SA (Williamstown)   Queensland  Ian Lawford (ACT) Emily Cantwell (Qld)   Max Neumann (Qld) Anna Dowling (Tas) 
 2009 VIC (Bendigo)   Queensland  Max Neve (Vic) Belinda Lawford (ACT)   Oscar McNulty (WA)  Jacqui Doyle (Qld)
 2008 QLD (Maryborough)   Queensland Joshua Blatchford (NSW)   Krystal Neumann (Qld)  Kurt Neumann (Qld)   Mary Flemming (Vic)
 2007 NSW (Dubbo)  Tasmania  Oscar Phillips (Tas)  Aislinn Prendergast (Vic) Kurt Neumann (Qld)  Glennie Nottle (Qld) 
 2006  WA (York)
Queensland/ ACT (tie)  Nick Andrewartha (Tas)  Heather Harding (ACT)   Oscar Phillips (Tas)
 Krystal Neumann (Qld)
 2005  Tasmania (Hobart)
 Queensland  James Sheldon (Qld)
 Heather Harding (ACT)
 Lachlan Dow (ACT)
 Krystal Neumann (Qld)
 2004  NSW (Rylstone)
 Victoria/ ACT (tie)
 Chris Naunton (Vic)
 Heather Harding (ACT)
 Matt Barratt (Tas)
 Ineka Booth (ACT)
 2003  Victoria (Castlemaine)
 Tasmania  Ryan Smyth (Tas)
 Hanny Allston (Tas)
 Sebastian Froude (NSW)
 Heather Harding (ACT)
 2002  SA (Flinders Ranges)
 NSW  Conrad Elson (Tas)
 Sophie Barker (ACT)
 Louis Elson (Tas)
 Rebecca Hembrow (SA)
 2001  ACT (Canberra)
 Victoria  Julian Dent (NSW)
 Grace Elson (Tas)
 Louis Elson (Tas)
 Hanny Allston (Tas)
 2000  Queensland (Warwick)
 NSW  Nathan Lawley (Qld)
 Georgie Statham (Tas)
 Julian Dent (NSW)
 Erin Post (WA)
 1999  NSW (Goulburn)
 NSW David Brickhill-Jones (Tas)
 Zoe Radford (SA)
 Lachlan Hallett (SA)
 Mace Neve (Vic)
 1998  WA (Bunbury)
 NSW Nick Hain (ACT)  Kathryn Ewels (Vic)
 Kerrin Rattray (SA)
 Zoe Radford (SA)
 1997  ACT (Canberra)
 NSW  Nick Hain (ACT)
 Ruth Schulz (Qld)
 Peter Hawkins (ACT)
 Georgie Statham (Tas)
 1996  Tasmania (Avoca)
 NSW  Troy de Haas (Vic)
 Kathryn Ewels (Vic)
 Andrew Macken (NSW)
 Georgie Statham (Tas)
 1995  Victoria (Ballarat)
 NSW  David Shepherd (NSW)
 Julia Minty (ACT)
 Andrew Macken (NSW)
 Libby Schofield (SA)
 1994  SA (Adelaide)
 NSW  Ben Schulz (Qld)
 Jo Allison (ACT)
 Steven Jones (Vic)
 Shannon Jones (NSW)
 1993  ACT (Canberra)
 ACT  Tom Quayle (ACT)
 Jo Allison (ACT)
 Mark Gregson (ACT)
 Julia Minty (ACT)
 1992  Victoria (Wangaratta)
 ACT  Matthew Cain (Vic)
 Jo Allison (ACT)
 Paul Heiskanen (ACT)
 Cassie Trewin (ACT)
 1991  Queensland (Crows Nest)
 Queensland/ ACT (tie)
 Andy Hogg (ACT)
 Belinda Allison (ACT)
 Rob Walter  (ACT)
 Jo Allison (ACT)
 1990  SA (Adelaide)
 South Australia
 Andy Hogg (ACT)
 Amanda Smith (SA)
 Tom Quayle (ACT)
 Susanne Casanova (SA)
 1989  ACT (Canberra)
 ACT  Michael Derlacki (ACT)
 Susie Hogg (ACT)
 Dale Hawkins (Tas)
 Jo Allison (ACT)