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Smartplay is a sports safety and injury prevention program. Their website has tips to reduce the risk of injury and now has a section specific to orienteering!

ASADA Anti Doping Resources

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Inlcuded on this page are important resources that all junior elites should be familiar with.  Information such as the current banned medications list, Therapeutic Use Exemption forms for banned prescribed medications and other resources.  For more information regarding any issues contact the ASADA hotline 1800 020 506 or OA's High Performance Manager Kay Haarsma.


JWOC 2010 finishes with Relay Race

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Australian JWOC team have finished a tough week of competition in the sand dunes of Northern Denmark. No doubt there are plenty of preparations for tonights banquet, the traditional finish to championships. 

The relay terrain is very hilly and different to the technical sand dune challenges of the Middle and Long Distance races. The legs of the relay were 7.4-7.7km for the first two legs in the men, with a shorter 5.4-5.6km final leg. For the women the first two legs were 5.4-5.6km and the final lege 3.1-3.2km. These variances add a little more complexity to the decisions coaches have to make when selecting teams.

In the women's race Belinda Lawford (AUS1) and Claire Butler (AUS2) finished just 2 secs apart in 29th and 30th, 13mins behind Denmark's Emma Klingenberg. On the 2nd leg Sarah Buckerfield produced her best run of the week to post 13th fastest time and pulled AUS1 team up to 16th place. Georgia Parsons (AUS2) in her first JWOC jumped 3 spots to 27th. On the 3rd leg Lillian Burrill was unable to maintain the high position and AUS1 finished in 23rd place and Brea Pearce brought AUS2 across the line in 28th.

In the men's race, Lachlan Dow (AUS1) handed over in 23rd with Josh Blachford not far behind in 28th. Oscar Phillips moved through the field to pull AUS2 up into 25th, with Ian Lawford falling a little to 27th. On the final leg, Kurt Neumann AUS1 leapfrogged Oliver Poland AUS2 with the teams finishing 27th and 31st respectively.

The Scandinavian nations continued their dominance of the championships with the Denmark winning the women's and Norway winning the men's class.

Final results will be published here.

Keep an eye out for the final installments of the JWOC team blog.

JWOC Middle Final 9/7 2010
Full Results Middle(HTML) Split(HTML)

PlaceringNavnKlasse                Tid
49Blatchford,JoshuaM20-B41:43 +17:33
7Buckerfield,SarahW20-B26:46 +01:27
9Burrill,LilianW20-B27:20 +02:01
52Butler,ClaireW20-B41:48 +16:29
10Dow,LachlanM20-B26:25 +02:15
41Lawford,IanM20-B33:15 +09:05
12Neumann,KurtM20-B26:35 +02:25
30Parsons,GeorgiaW20-B32:51 +07:32
44Pearce,BreaW20-B37:02 +11:43
9Phillips,OscarM20-C30:24 +05:34

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