Orienteering Australia's High Performance Program and Athlete Development Pathway covers the elite junior, senior and mountain bike activities in Australia.

The High Performance and Athlete Development Pathway Strategic Plan 2014-2018 encompasses all levels of the sport from beginners through elite orienteers excelling at the World Orienteering Championships. See HP and Athlete Development Pathway Strategic Plan 2014-2018 

National Teams/Squads

National League

  • Boomerangs - Australia's World Championships team
  • Bushrangers - Australia's Test Match team against New Zealand.
  • Junior World Championships team
  • Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championship team
  • Competitions
  • State Teams


      Orienteering Australia congratulates the success of:

       Hanny Allston  Adrian Jackson - MTBO

      2009 World Games:Gold in Middle, Silver in Sprint.
      2006 World Champion - Sprint (WOC)
      2006 World Champion - Long, Silver in Sprint (JWOC)

      2005 Bronze in middle (JWOC)

      2010 World Champion -Sprint Distance.  Silver medal in Middle & Long Distance
      2009 World Champion- Sprint & Long Distance

      2008 World Champion - Middle  

      2006 World Number One

      2005 Bronze - Long distance
      2004 World Champion - Middle distance.  Bronze in long distance & relay.




      Grant Bluett - 2001 World Games - Gold medal in Individual event.

      Troy de Haas - 1999 JWOC - Bronze medal in long event.


      Other medallists

      2004 - Bronze in relay = Carolyn Jackson, Anna Sheldon, Mary Fien, Tom Walter, Alex Randall, (Adrian Jackson)

      2004 - Belinda Allison - Silver in Middle distance.

      2002 - Emily Viner - Silver in Long distance.


      Smartplay is a sports safety and injury prevention program. Their website has tips to reduce the risk of injury and now has a section specific to orienteering!


      Details of 2014 Selection Trials and High Performance Squads.

      Thursday, 5 December 2013





      July 21-27



      July 5-12

      WUOC Czech

      Aug 11-16

      BUSHRANGERS NZ Test June


      WORLD CUP JAN 2015

      (note that results from WOC, JWOC and other international races in 2014 will count towards selection)

      Brisbane sprints Feb 22-23


      Y – primary sprint trials

      Will be considered

      All races will be used in order to select the best available team from the HPS. Junior Bushrangers’ team proposed also.

      All races will be used in order to select the best available team from the HPS. Junior Bushrangers’ team proposed also.

      Considered under all known previous form

      Beechworth middle/long Mar 22/23



      Will be considered

      Considered under all known previous form

      Easter Fri-Mon April 18-21



      Y – primary trials

      Considered under all known previous form

      Anzac Fri 25-Sat 26th April mixed sprint relay, long race



      Will be considered

      Considered under all known previous form

      Australian Championships week WA Sept 27-Oct 5th






      Y – primary trials. Athletes are encouraged to attend all races.


      SQUADS DEC 2013

      Australian Junior Development Squad (AJDS)

      Blatchford Nicola F 19 NSW

      Burrill Alison F 19 Qld

      Dawson Aidan M 18 NSW

      Dawson Michele F 20 NSW

      Day Jarrah M 17 Tas

      Dowling Anna F 17 Tas

      Doyle Matt M 18 Vic

      Fuller Melanie F 19 SA

      Goddard Hannah F 17 Tas

      Hill Daniel M 17 NSW

      Marshall Nicola F 19 Tas

      McNulty Henry M 18 WA

      Melhuish Stephen M 17 ACT

      Mill Oliver M 17 ACT

      Nankervis Ashley M 18 Tas

      Sprod Olivia F 19 SA

      Steer Lanita F 18 Vic

      Young Sally F 18 SA

      National Development Squad (NDS)

      Barnett Andrew M 21 ACT

      Brownridge Clare F 27 Vic

      Brownridge David M 30 Vic

      Doyle Jacqui F 20 ACT

      Effeney Katelyn F 23 Qld

      Fleming Mary F 21 Vic

      Gillis Lauren F 25 SA

      Gregory Kas M 22 NSW

      Gregson Mark M 36 Qld

      Lawford Belinda F 23 ACT

      Massey Alex M 22 NSW

      McGuire Matt M 27 Qld

      Meyer Ian M 33 NSW

      Muir Heather F 21 Qld

      Neumann Krystal F 23 Qld

      Rattray Kerrin M 31 SA

      High Performance Squad (HPS)

      Anderson Bridget F 25 Qld

      Arthur Bruce M 40 Vic

      Barr Evan M 28 Vic

      Blatchford Josh M 23 NSW

      Dow Lachlan M 23 ACT

      Effeney Rachel F 26 Qld

      Keely Brian M 26 Vic

      Lawford Ian M 21 ACT

      McNulty Oscar M 20 WA

      Meyer Dave M 29 NSW

      Nankervis Brodie M 20 Tas

      Naunton Chris M 28 Vic

      Parton Matthew M 28 NSW

      Poland Oliver M 20 ACT

      Prendergast Aislinn F 25 Vic

      Preston Kathryn F 34 Vic

      Preston Rob M 36 NSW

      Scown Murray M 28 ACT

      Sheldon Anna F  33 Qld

      Elite High Performance Squad (EHPS)

      Allston Hanny F 28 Tas

      Brown Felicity F 30 NSW

      Crane Grace F 31 Tas

      Dent Julian M 29 NSW

      Neve Jasmine F 28 Vic

      Round Vanessa F 27 SA

      Uppill Simon M 27 SA

      See other important High Performance News at ?ItemID=9691 

      ASADA Anti-doping annual updates needed. Thursday, 27 March 2014 As part of Orienteering Australia's aim in keeping our sport drug and doping free all national squad athletes are required to undertake annual updates via ASADA's anti-doping online education courses. These need to be completed by Easter.
      Nominations closing for JWOC Team. Monday, 3 March 2014 Nominations close for Australian JWOC team on March 9th.
      MTBO World Championship Selection Criteria & Announcement of Team Officials. Tuesday, 11 February 2014 2014 World Championship selection criteria and nomination details for MTBO WOC & JWOC. Also announcement of team officials for these teams.
      Sprint Canberra Entries Closing Soon Wednesday, 15 January 2014 Entries for Sprint Canberra closing Saturday January 18th
      Sprint Canberra is Coming! Friday, 3 January 2014
      Details of 2014 Selection Trials and High Performance Squads. Thursday, 5 December 2013 List of High Performance squads & details of selection trials for 2014 WOC, WUOC, JWOC, Bushranger teams, and 2015 World Cup.
      JUNIOR WORLDS SELECTION CRITERIA Tuesday, 29 October 2013 Summary of selection criteria for the Australian team for the Junior World Orienteering Championships (foot) for 2014.
      JWOC selection criteria for 2014 Wednesday, 16 October 2013 The selection criteria for the 2014 Australian team for the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) have been announced.
      Bushranger team announced for September tests. Friday, 13 September 2013 Announcement of Australian and New Zealand teams for the Test match races in September 2013.
      January 2014 - AUS v NZ MTBO Challenge Team Nomination Tuesday, 3 September 2013 Details of MTBO Australian Team for Aus v NZ Challenge in January 2014.
      Tom & Alex do well in MTBO long championships Sunday, 1 September 2013 Summary of 2014 MTBO long distance championships from Estonia.
      World Games Summary Wednesday, 31 July 2013 The 2013 World Games orienteering Championships were held in Cali, Colombia on August 2-4th.
      Ricky Thackray, Patrick Higgins & Marquita Gelderman win Australian MTBO Championships. Monday, 29 July 2013 Summary of 2013 Australian middle and long championships held in Queensland.
      Qualification allocations for WOC 2014. Wednesday, 17 July 2013 In 2014 the WOC program will change to include a sprint relay and to eliminate the qualification races for middle and long titles. Below are the allocation of places for 2014 based on international results.
      Australian Women 13th, Men 20th in World Champs Relay Sunday, 14 July 2013 The Australian Boomerangs had a strong finish to their World Championship campaign in the forests of northern Finland Saturday. After a storming first leg from Simon Uppill the men's team placed 20th. While the women's team finished strong to place 13th.
      Simon Uppill and Hanny Allston 33rd in Middle Final Saturday, 13 July 2013 Australia had four starters in the WOC middle final today in the Vuokatti hills. Starting near the top of Vuokatinvaara the courses had many tricky downhill legs in thick rocky forest. With many mistakes by all runners even the medalists, it provided some great entertainment for the large crowd in the arena.
      Four Australians Qualify for World Championship Middle Final! Thursday, 11 July 2013 Today in the tough Scandinavian terrain of Vuokatti, Australia got four out of six runners into the middle distance final Friday.
      Hanny Allston 22nd in WOC Long Final! Wednesday, 10 July 2013 Hanny Allston made her WOC final return, after a 4 year hiatus, in the forests of Vuokatti with a solid 22nd place in the women's WOC Long Final.
      Successful Sprint Final for Australian Boomerangs! Tuesday, 9 July 2013 Australia had three top 35 placings in the World Championship Sprint Final today in Sotkamo.
      Four Australians Qualify For World Championship Sprint Final! Monday, 8 July 2013 Four Australians Qualify For World Championship Sprint Final!