Orienteering & the Environment:

Scientific Studies

 Orienteering is a very low impact sport. There have been numerous scientific studies conducted, both in Australia and overseas, and some of these resources are provided here.

Australian Studies

  • A study conducted by Hugh Moore on the impact of the 2007 Oceania Championships in the Namadgi National Park. [Download pdf file]
  • A study conducted by Dr Tony Friend and Anna Napier examining the minimal vegetation damage caused by an orienteering event in Western Australia. Published in the OAWA Newsletter, 1987. [Download scanned jpg file]
  • A study conducted by Sue Moore into the impact of orienteering on granite rocks. Published in the Conservation and Land Management Newsletter, 1988. [Download scanned jpg file]

International Studies

  • A full review of scientific studies into the environmental impact of orienteering (IOF/Env/002).
  • A study into the effect of an orienteering event on breeding wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) at Titterstone Clee, Shropshire, UK (IOF/Env/001).
  • Comparison of the environmental impact of orienteering and other offf-track recreations in the Dartmoor National Park, UK (IOF/Env/004).
  • Documents prepared by the IOF Environment Commission can be found here.