Website Advertising

Orienteering Australia provides an advertising service through its online website. Advertising through Orienteering Australia provides a unique opportunity to reach this market group. The advertising rates are below. Advertising rates for the Australian Orienteer magazine can also be found below.

Orienteering Profile

Orienteers have an ideal profile for consumer markets.  Participants in the sport typically have higher than average disposable incomes and are extremely well travelled, are heavy users of computers and the internet, sporting (running) equipment and outdoor products.

It is an ideal avenue of reaching markets covering 5 broad areas:

  • Individuals seeking to keep healthy – both mind and body
  • Individuals who like to travel through their activity
  • Individuals who are environmentally conscious and spend time outdoors
  • Individuals who are competitive sporting-types
  • Individuals who are social covering the full range of age-classes, the old and the young (typically from 8 to 80 years old)

Website Profile

The Orienteering Australia website, along with the Australian Orienteer magazine is the main form of communication between Orienteering Australia, it members, newcomers, and interested parties. As well as administrative information, regular news items, event lists, high performance pages and other pages form the Orienteering Australia site. The website is continually being upgraded and new features are being offered all the time. We think this will make the website more lively, and a regular stop for members and visitors.

Site Statistics (coming soon)

Website Advertising Rates

A number of advertising rates are available. Other advertising opportunties may be available, please contact the Orienteering Australia Director (Development).

Homepage – Standard

Includes 1 advertisement (with link to company website) on right-hand side of front-page and an advertisement on 2 other pages. On the main page, this is included as a revolving image with other advertisers (not more than 5). Choice of pages include:

  • New to Orienteering
  • News
  • Events
  • High Performance
  • National League
  • Photo Gallery

$150/year or $15/month – 150 * 90 px - several available. For a permanent appearance on the homepage (positioning on the right slightly lower) - $400/year or $40/month.

Specific Page – Banner

Includes 1 banner advertisement (with link to company website) across the top of specialised page. Pages available are:

  • Events
  • News
  • Photo Gallery
  • Discussion (once online)

$150/year or $15/month – 4 available, one on each page

Specific Page – Standard

Includes 3 advertisements (with link to company website) on right-hand side of specific pages not including front page.

$50/year or $5/month – 150 * 90 px – several available

Fees valid until end 2007. For further details contact the Orienteering Australia Director (Development).

The Australian Orienteer

The Australian Orienteer is a national magazine delivered to the home of all Orienteering Australia members, subscribers and industry partners. For further details see "The Australian Orienteer"

Advertising Rates (inc GST) per insertion from digital files

Format is two of four columns per A4 page (210 mm x 297 mm)

 Full page no bleed  190  277  $770  $990
 Full page plus bleed (3mm)  216  303  $770 $990 
 3/4 page upright  190  201  $620 $780 
 1/2 page across  190  134  $415  $535
 1/2 page upright  95  277  $415  $535
 Half x 2 columns (1/4 page)  92  134  $230  n.a.
 1/4 page across  190  67  $230  n.a.

Discounts exist for continuity. Fees valid until end 2007. For full details read AO Ratecard, or contact the Editor.


Please note: Some sponsorship arrangements afford advertising space. Advertisers must not conflict with current sponsors and be in accordance with Australian Sports Commission guidelines (see below).

Companies and organizations wishing to enquire about sponsorship of Orienteering Australia should refer to the OA Sponsor Guidelines.