Orienteering Australia Major Awards

1. Recognition of Contribution and Service

The sport of Orienteering would not happen in Australia without a high level of volunteering and exceptional commitment by volunteers and paid officers. Orienteering Australia recognises this contribution through the presentation of the following awards:

·         Silva Award for Services to Orienteering

·         Silva Award for Services to Coaching

·         David Hogg Medal for Services to Event Management

Nominations for the above awards are submitted by the Orienteering State Associations to the Executive Officer during January of each year. Further information about these awards is available from the Operational Manual.

2. Silva Medal - Orienteer of the Year

The Silva Medal is presented to the Australian Resident competitor who accumulates the most points according to the criteria set out in Section 2.17 of the Operational Manual.

3. Athlete of the Year

The Orienteering Australia Athlete of the Year award recognises the most outstanding performance(s) in elite orienteering competition in a given calendar year.
An Electoral College, which is comprised of members of the Board of Orienteering Australia and members of the High Performance Committees (Foot and MTB), votes for the Athlete of the Year.

Further information about this award is available from the Operational Manual.

The 2010 Recipients of Orienteering Australia’s major awards were:

·         Silva Award for Services to Orienteering – Robert Mouatt ACT

·         Silva Award for Services to Coaching – Susanne Casanova SA

·         Silva Medal for Orienteer of the Year – Geoff Lawford ACT

·         Athlete of the Year – Adrian Jackson VIC

All previous recipients are listed in this Spreadsheet.

Annual trophy winners in 2011 were:

OA Shield: NSW

Xanthorrhea Trophy: NSW

M21E Howden Trophy: Rob Walter

W21E Howden Trophy: Jo Allison

M21E : Swedish ambassadors trophy: ACT

W21E: SilvaTrophy: ACT

Orienteering Australia Badge Scheme

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